About Us:
Snow's Landscape
and Garden Center

Snow’s offers a wide range of products and client services related to every aspect of horticulture. We are a full-service nursery and garden center with trees, shrubs, houseplants, flowers, vegetable plants, annuals, perennials, fertilizers, plant health products, pots, mulches, soils, stone, and so forth to help gardeners in Charlottesville be successful.

Snow’s Landscape Division offers a full range of landscape services including design and installation of plants, walkways, patios, walls, pergolas, aluminum fencing, water features, lawns, and many other types of garden features and elements.  We provide Landscape Maintenance services from mowing to pruning to mulching, weed control and fertilizing.

In short, we have the products, services, and expert staff to help you be successful with virtually any project you have in your garden. Learn more about the services that Snow’s provides HERE.

Snow's Garden Center and Landscape History

Snow’s Garden and Landscaping Center has been serving the gardening and landscaping needs of the Charlottesville area and across Central Virginia since 1912.  Locally and family-owned, Snows has become a Charlottesville gardening tradition. 

Other Awards And Certifications

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