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Welcome to Snow's Garden Center
Summer! A Fantastic Time for Plants.

Garden Center Hours:
Monday-Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, Sunday CLOSED

As it gets warmer, the summer season brings a new set of gardening tasks. It’s important to keep up with watering! We’ve got all your watering supplies here. And fertilizing! Keep your annuals blooming all summer long by fertilizing every 4th watering. Go ahead and give them and your perennials a little trim to keep them reblooming.

Summer brings out insects and disease problems; keep a close eye out for problems. The sooner problems are identified, the sooner they can be resolved! If you need assistance with identifying a problem, bring in a sample and we can help you out!


Questions about Gardening? Don't miss the Snow Know's Garden Show. Every Saturday from 9 to 10am on FM 107.5 and AM 1260 WCHV. Call us during the show 964-1075. CLICK HERE for more info and podcasts.

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